Poetry needs more than mere talent: B R Lakshman Rao

Poetry needs more than mere talent: B R Lakshman Rao

Poetry needs more than mere talent: B R Lakshman Rao

Literature helps sustain humanity through culture and reformation, said Dharmasthala Dharmadhikari D Veerendra Heggade.

He was speaking at a literary meet held on Friday as a part of the Lakshadeepotsava at Shree Kshethra Dharmasthala.

"The notion that reading habits have been affected in the modern world cannot be accepted fully. There may be decline in number of people who purchase books, however, youth read literature in mobile phone, computer and Ipad," said the Dharmadhikari.

Infosys Foundation chairperson and novelist Sudha Murthy said, "If relations are meaningful, we can lead a happy and meaningful life, even with limited resources. Relationship that is built on unconditional love is long-lasting. An emotional bond exists among the poet, writer and readers."

She also said, "Experience is literature. When we transform what we see into words, it becomes literature."

Poet B R Lakshman Rao presided over the programme.

"Poetry is a wonder, and needs the support of not just talent, but also patience, effort and experience. No poem takes birth, it only happens," said the senior writer.

Speaking on "Literature and Social Response", Ramzan Darga of Kalaburagi said "Humanitarian values are the greatest dharma. Even Adikavi Pampa had propagated social sensitivity through his work."

Critic S R Vijayashankar, who spoke on "Literature and the New Generation," said that information cannot be considered on par with knowledge. "Literature emerges when we see a transformation through a mix of experience and intellect. The focus on expression seen in the older styles of writing has converted into a focus on emotions in the current school," he explained and added, "We are now in a juncture of using our intelligence and emotions to compare the truth in literature with the truth in science."

Speaking on the role of humour in life, Bhuvaneshwari Hegde, humourist, said, "Laughter and spirituality are like two faces of the same coin. Those who believe in laughter take happiness and sorrow in life equally and lead a meaningful life."

Stating that there is a need for code of ethics for humour write-ups, she said the write-ups should not speak ill of physically challenged and the underpriviledged.