Flipping the pages of history

Flipping the pages of history

Flipping the pages of history

This picture was taken in 1956 when Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar came to the Kannada Sahitya Parishad in Bangalore for a function. My father, K Gopalkrishna Rao, was the secretary at that time  and I was four years old.  We were selected to give bouquets to the dignitaries but since we were so small, we had to be lifted up by  others so we could give them the flowers.  

My father expired when I was in school. He was a  prominent short story writer and was the PA of Chief Minister Kengal Hanumanthaiah during the time the construction of Vidhana Soudha was completed. We used to go there to see the construction.  

My mother gave away all my father's books to libraries by the time we grew up. So when I was doing my BA Honours and Masters in Kannada, I didn't have the luxury of referring to them.  Still, I passed BA Honours with third rank in Vijaya College.  One of my professors,  G Venkatasubbiah, later went on to become the president of  Kannada Sahitya Parishad. He was also my father's friend.  

Even during my college days, I remember thinking about my father's books and his authored articles, wishing to read them. After my children grew up, got married and had grandchildren, I had some spare time. From 2010, I started searching for my father's articles, poems, stories and more in universities and libraries.

We searched in many places and I was able to procure almost eighty percent of his writings. His book, titled 'Kensington  Park', was published in 1943. Till today, people recognise me as the daughter of the author of 'Kensington Park'.  When I read through his writings, I thought I should  publish them so people can read them once again.

So almost 50 years after my father died, I brought out a few compilations of his literary creations.  There was also a book with his photos and people's memories of him. The function was held in  Kannada Sahitya Parishad only.  

My love for words and languages is something I inherited from him. I took classes in Alliance Francaise to learn French before going to visit a pen friend in France. I am also a published author myself now.