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Q I'm 17 years old. My height is 161.5 cm and I weigh 49 kg. I'm 1 cm shorter than the minimum height required to become a pilot in IAF. So please help me in this regard.


Considering you are just 17 and a male, I suspect that you still have a good chance of increasing your height. Males generally tend to grow till the age of 21 or so. I would recommend incorporating a healthy eating pattern into your lifestyle, full of fresh fruit and vegetables along with high protein foods such as lentils/sprouts/pulses/homemade curds/eggs and fish. Eating high-fibre foods like red rice and whole wheat chapathi is helpful too. Parallel to this, you should keep up your exercise routine, be involved in various sports, from football, to tennis, swimming or just simply running in the morning. This will help you build your stamina. In order to build muscle, I would recommend doing resistant training.

Q I'm 22 years old and my height is 5 feet. What is my appropriate weight? Please tell me how to reduce my weight and how to control cholesterol.

A An appropriate weight for 5 feet is 50- 52 kg. You are 15 kg overweight. Fatty deposits around the areas you have mentioned are only partial indicators of high cholesterol, a blood test for the same needs to be done in order to confirm. However, a good idea would be to start reducing your weight gradually. Always remember that diet and physical activity go hand in hand, you can’t do one without the other. Therefore, incorporate a heart healthy eating pattern into your daily routine. As for physical activity, it is very important that you walk for 45 minutes every day; a brisk walk, with your hands moving like in a march past.

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