A touch of tradition

A touch of tradition

Hailing from the royal family of Jodhpur, Raghavendra Rathore is a name that needs no introduction in the world of fashion. Having created a niche for himself, Raghavendra's designs reflect the cutting-edge styles of today and retain the traditions of the bygone era at the same time.

Recognised as the creator of the iconic Jodhpur bandhgala jacket that is a must-have in every gentleman's wardrobe today, the designer has now stepped into a new realm by opening his own design school called Gurukul School of Design in Jaipur. Here are the excerpts from a conversation.

How did you get into the world of fashion?

It was all thanks to the right mix of good advice at an early stage of my life and the ability to channelise my talent into a productive profession. The presence of good mentors also played an important role.

How has your craft changed over the years?

A designer must have the flexibility to understand the needs of the changing market, because as the market evolves, the product needs to evolve too. It is this quality that makes a brand more sustainable and desirable.
Which is why I have designed my latest collection in such a way that every little detail can be customised as per an individual's requirements. Customers can endlessly add their own design inputs to create a special wardrobe for the coming season, making it so personal and so exclusive.

What made you start Gurukul School of Design?

Education is the best gift that one can give to an aspiring mind. As a student, I had the good fortune of meeting a person, who helped me get a world-class education in New York around 25 years ago. His support, with a condition that I would also help others garner quality education in the future, helped me conceive the idea of establishing a design college.
My father Swaroop Singh, who always told me to stay true to the land and give back to the society by utilising local resources, was an inspiration too. He instilled in me the need to improve the system and laid the first building blocks of giving back the gift of education through design.

What are the tips you have for budding designers?

Talent, when detected early, should be channelised in the right direction. Also, learning the other important areas related to designing such as business and marketing is also important.

Who is your style icon?

As a designer, I am like a sponge absorbing every idea and inspiration. Style is inherent and anyone who emulates it is an inspiration to me.

Is there anyone in particular you would like to work with?

People who value aesthetics are a pleasure to work with. Thanks to my school, I have invited a whole host of people with talent to join in and bring the change that we need in the field of design.

What are the trends of the season?

Sheen, vibrancy and light embroidery overtures seem to be the trend of the season. Heavy embroidery and clutter seem to be fading away.

What are the simple tips to keep in mind while dressing up?

Create a look for yourself that people remember you for - keep it simple and keep it comfortable.


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