Amazing force multipliers

Chalk pieces are turned into strong FMs by short-fused teachers in classrooms.

The Force Multipliers (FMs) are of myriad kinds with miscellaneous functional values. Even as simple as a small bottle-opener which can, within seconds, swiftly lever out the strongly sealed bottle-lid is a stunning case of a Force-Multiplier device. In fact, there are many FMs that magically up the machinery power, too. However, there is one distinct Force Multiplier category, in which the objects (otherwise having a different functional value) transform such that they can cause physical harm! 

As an instance, consider the case of chalk pieces. They are turned into strong FMs by the short-fused teacher who sends them flying at a speed-defying pace towards errant students tittle-tattling during class hours. At times, there could be casualties, too, when these flying-missiles miss their targets and strike the student sitting adjacent, shaking him out of his sound sleep! In the village milieu, you see the teacher using the lopped tree branch (with its jutting-out spiky slivers shaved) as the FM, to whack the back of non-biddable students! 

Then you have the antagonists in action-fraught feature films attacking the hero with an assorted mix of FMs, which could be anything — vehicle jack, crowbar, golf club, pogo/hockey stick, fetter-like sturdy chain, skewed iron bar, nun-chucks, and even cutlass, scythe, sickle, machete, scimitar, strong wooden shaft, baton, truncheon, sundry sport bats, etc. Of course, the film goondas even make use of nukes, and such other lethal weapons as their FMs, when targeting at mass killings.  

Then there are female folks at home, using umpteen sorts of FMs during the deadly home-wars with their dear spouse, displaying dereliction of their domestic duties. In fact, these ingeniou women invite you with fresh insights into their innovative world of using innumerous household objects as FMs. Here, the object chosen directly depends upon the degree of ire smouldering in them.

So, it could be anything to thwack their duty-dodging husbands: a cudgel, ladle, tongs, rolling pin, broom, besom, and God forbid, in the worst scenario, even frayed footwear! Once a friend, in a crotchety mood had jabbed her spouse with a knitting-needle-like accessory, used to style tresses into a neat chignon.

Finally, the actual pain-inflicting FM, having a potent power to penetrate deep into a person are piercing and peace-pulverising waspish words. Since, even if the victim’s mental wounds heal, the physical scars remain. This FM is equally damaging to the pain-perpetrator, too, in having lost a human relation!

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