Michael Douglas' son sentenced to five years in prison

Michael Douglas' son sentenced to five years in prison

Michael Douglas' son sentenced to five years in prison

Actor Michael Douglas and his former wife Diandra Luker leave New York Federal Court April 20, 2010 after their son, Cameron Douglas was sentenced to 5 years for possession of methamphetamines with the intent to distribute. AFP

Cameron, 31, was arrested last July after he was found in possession of USD 18,000 worth of crystal methamphetamine in a New York hotel room.The DJ-and sometime actor admitted to dealing methamphetamine and cocaine and was facing a ten-year term.

Federal Judge Richard Berman announced the sentence last night after hearing Cameron apologise and admit that he had squandered a lot of opportunities to turn his life around, the Daily Mail reported.

Cameron was told by the judge in New York that this was his "last chance to make it".
The judge also criticised the 'Wall Street' actor and his ex-wife Diandra for being "distant", "problematic" and "immature" parents when Cameron was growing up.

"While his family states, and I believe their intentions are sincere in doing this, they are ready to step in in any way and do the right thing, I respectfully say they do not explain what has changed in their lives that would enable them to do things differently with Cameron today than they did before," the judge said.

Douglas, 65 and his ex-wife were present during the sentencing. The actor refused to talk to the waiting press as he and Diandra left the court and made their way to a car.
Ahead of yesterday's sentencing, Douglas had written a letter to the judge with a plea for leniency.

In a handwritten, five-page letter made public on Monday, the actor admitted that a family history of drug and alcohol abuse contributed towards his son's descent.
"I love my son, but I'm not blind to his actions. I don't want to see him break. He is an adult and responsible for his own actions. We do know, however, that genes, family and peer pressure are a strong influence on a substance abuser," the actor wrote.