UIDAI CEO trolled over warning users of his parody account

UIDAI CEO trolled over warning users of his parody account

UIDAI CEO trolled over warning users of his parody account

Yesterday, it was reported that the UIDAI, the governing body of the controversial Aadhaar ID, filed an FIR against The Tribune and one of its reporters for reporting on a colossal Aadhaar breach. The report said that for the low price of Rs. 500, the Aadhaar details of every single Indian could be purchased.

Now, the UIDAI CEO has become the target of memesters who have made ample use of the opportunity presented by the Aadhaar leak to mock the Aadhaar mandate amidst security and privacy concerns.

Initally, the official Twitter account of the UIDAI reported that the Twitter handle @ceouidai was not the offical handle of the UIDAI CEO, Ajay Bhushan Pandey, and put out a notice saying that @CEO_UIDAI is the official handle.

Not long after, Pandey himself put a notice out to his followers that the parody account was not his and that the account was using his name and photo in an unauthorised manner.

Unwilling to let the opportunity slip by, some quick-witted Twitterati siezed the chance to freely troll Pandey, posting all forms of replies to his post.

One user suggested that Twitter be linked with Aadhaar, much like how the government is mandating linking Aadhaar with nearly every service, to avoid such situations.

They say a picture says a thousand words, but we'll let you be the judge of this one.

Absolutely no chill, this one has.

Hello, there! The owner of the parody account himself paid a visit, sporting a slightly different name.

Some could not help but mock the irony of the situation where the UIDAI continues to deny any breach of the Aadhaar database, but the CEO has to go out of his way to mark a 'parody' account.

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