'I can be choosy now'

Last Updated 24 January 2018, 18:09 IST

Sandalwood actor Iti Acharya can't thank her stars enough as the shooting for her latest film 'Kavacha' is on.  She still pinches herself when one asks her about the movie which also stars Shivarajkumar. In a candid conversation with Tini Sara Anien, the excited actor talks about her role in the movie and her journey so far.      

You're back after a hiatus. How does it feel?

Coming back after a break can be refreshing yet scary.  One doesn't know what is lying ahead. This movie which is a remake of 'Oppam' was a really exciting offer. The only reason actor Shivarajkumar agreed to  be a part of the movie is because even though it is adapted from the Malayalam movie, it will not be a scene-by-scene copy. The director has given the film a twist and matched it to the Kannada audience. I couldn't have asked for more.

From 'Dhwani' to 'Kavacha', how has the journey been?

I wanted to make a point through 'Dhwani'. I wanted to prove that I wasn't just one of the pretty faces everyone sees around.  I didn't want to be brushed aside as just a model or fashionista. I waited and worked on grooming myself. I feel that I have been rewarded for my patience and work. Earlier I would have to take up projects just for the sake of it. I have the luxury of selecting what I want to work with now.  I can be choosy now.

How  was the experience of working with Shivarajkumar?  

I feel very blessed, elated and a  little surprised. It has been a mixed emotional journey. To be cast in a film which has such big names  is the best any actor could ask  for. I  was shivering when I walked  to the sets on my first day and I had to shoot a scene with him that day itself. He was so comforting and helpful that I felt at ease immediately. He makes sure that everyone on the sets is at ease.  

What did you learn from him?

He is the one who taught me that one should question the director if a retake of a scene is done. This is to ensure if it was a technical glitch or the actor had to emote or  act the scene differently.  

Tell us a bit about your role.

I play a Punjabi girl who is bold in her reactions and approach to anything in life. She knows what she wants. If she loves someone, she will cross any barriers to be with him.  

You were raised in Punjab. Did that help with preparing for your role?

I  did my schooling in Chandigarh.  It was easier to slip into my character because of this as I know many  people with the same mannerism. In fact if any of my old schoolmates get to watch the movie, they will easily relate to  my  role. I didn't have to think too much or research into my role. I knew how my body language and  expressions would be for the role.    

With 'Kavacha' in hand, how does 2018 look for you?

I am at a very happy place. I have my hopes pinned on the movie and on 'Kontract'. Hopefully I will be able to explore varied roles this year.  I have my fingers crossed.  

(Published 24 January 2018, 11:14 IST)

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