A real upper-cruster

A real upper-cruster

We live in an age that defines and dictates an archetypal personality if we want to be noticed as being part of the elite group in society. In fact, the notion of aristocrats always existed in the world's mind. Think of the Levites among the Jews, the Samurais among the Japanese and the Patricians among the Romans!

They were the envied upper and noble class of their times. Though society has progressed from such concepts of the aristocracy, they have been replaced by other standards and norms. Contemporary forms of upper-crusters have evolved and one needs to meet a few or all of the parameters set to be a part of this exclusive group.

Even so, the question remains: is this elite group we all look up to really a superior class? For, it is not money, nor lineage, nor status, nor education, nor a charming countenance that makes one really superior. One may have any or all of these and can still act like a brute and resemble a member of the barbarian class. To identify a real upper-cruster, watch out for these personal traits.

Firstly, look out for simplicity in the person. A real superior person loves and endorses the simple preferences in life, not because he cannot settle for more ostentatious ones, but because greatness naturally gravitates towards simplicity. Flamboyance is consciously avoided by him who is a real upper-cruster.

Next, watch for the eagerness to serve in the person. A propensity to serve others drives a truly great soul. He is always looking out for opportunities to be of service to others and shuns others waiting on him. He supports hard and sincere work, not just for selfish gains, but for the progress of all around him.

Other important traits that define a noble soul are his integrity, fairness, charity and ethical conduct in his personal and professional life. For, a great soul is clean-minded, truthful, respectful, tolerant, empathetic and courteous.

Lastly, the superior person is an inspiration to be with. With him, the old adage "Familiarity breeds contempt" does not hold water. The more familiar he gets, the more he is valued. Such a man is the real upper-cruster of a society and it will do well for all to emulate him.


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