Let There Be Violet

Let There Be Violet

It's an  invigorating new year and the Pantone colour of the year has been announced: it's the rich and vibrant shade of ultraviolet. And what's a home that does not evolve with changing times? So, here are some ways in which you can incorporate this royal shade into your home:

Let it blend

There are plenty of ways to incorporate ultraviolet into the interiors of your home and make it look classy and trendy. This jewelled tone colour can be used in a graphic oversized rug to add drama, while the amethyst-toned pillows can be used as accents. Accessorising with uncut amethysts can add some energy and embellishment to your home.

Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar, founder, architect and creative director, studio HAUS and KOY,  Pune, says, "Create a distinct identity by combining the graphic rug with contemporary furniture and metallic accents. Quilted pillows in suede amethyst tones add a luxurious touch to any interior space. A statement floral arrangement with jacarandas, hydrangeas and tulsi flowers can be an interesting addition to the dining table too."

Multiple elements

This colour of the year can be incorporated in many ways to give your home a mysterious, creative and powerful look. "So, if you are planning on revamping your home or just want to add a touch of this smooth shade, then incorporating ultraviolet furniture could be one of the best ideas. Artwork, accessories, wall paints can be good for giving a touch of the global trend to your interiors," says Sameer Hora, MD, IDUS.

Arpita Bhandari, design energist, consultant, interior designer and founder, One by Arpita, avers, "This colour helps one to become more clairvoyant, evokes spirituality, clarity, mindfulness, visualisation and creativity. It should be used in the mandir, living room, den, kids room or master bedroom by having it as a highlighter or one furniture piece." Ultraviolet shades can also be used to brighten up a room. "I prefer more of subtle and warm tones in a house, so I would use a pop of ultraviolet colours in the decor, accessories, or even a vase with flowers in that shade," says Sukriti Sharrma, director, Plüsch.

The room story

Piyush Roy, founder, Jumpinggoose, opines, "For the living room, you can have ultraviolet curtains and match it with mauve or a light shade of tiebacks. The upholstery for the furniture can then be white, off-white or beige. Ultraviolet cushions can also be used to add a dash of royalty to the decor. You can also choose to have a purple swing to add a boho look, or some purple scented candles with lavender fragrance to add freshness to the place. Kashmiri carpets with an ultraviolet shade can be used against an all-white decor."

Abhinav Mahajan, director retail, Maspar Industries Pvt Ltd, adds, "For the dining area, grey tones in furniture with placemats or runners in accent ultraviolet colours represent the value-added products in your dining area. The bedroom can again be an interesting area where you can play smart with ultraviolet tones. Decorative cushions of bedding in embellishment work of ultraviolet tones, along with some sheer in lighter tones of the shade adds to the beauty of bedrooms."

Bits & bobs

Add ultraviolet chandeliers and table lamps to your living room, dining area or bedrooms to give your home an elegant and sophisticated look. "You can also add rugs in the same colour or go matching it up with the walls. To give your home a creative look, add wallpapers, wall art in the same colour instead of painting the entire wall," says Nomita Kohli, co-founder and interior designer, Wisma Atria Interiors.

Jasmine Jhaveri, interior stylist, Jasmine Jhaveri Design Studio, says, "Contrast hues like greens, pinks and yellows look great as eclectic pairings and add depth to the decor. For a more refined take, style ultraviolet with rose pinks, bronzes and copper for a warm yet classy touch."

Using the Pantone shade with your existing colour palette is the perfect way to incorporate the colour into your home. "Be it creating a standalone corner or a wall in your living room, or placing some subtle violet colour candles, or even mixing the violet shade with your curtains and upholstery is a perfect way to break the monotony and incorporating this lively colour into your living space. A perfect mix of the violet shade with the existing colours of your dining upholstery is a practical and innovative method of creating a style statement in your dining area. Further, use of the Pantone shade for your runners and table mats is also a vibrant method to break the monotony. Similarly, use of this colour in your bedspreads or blankets is an innovative method of introducing colours according to your mood," explains Ankur Shingal, managing partner, Ansavv Inc.

Go big, go bold

Dushyant Mehta, CEO, Mahatta Art Galleries, explains, "Selection of colour depicts your personality and ultraviolet paintings are perfect to add charm and personality to your interiors. Refurbish your living room with ultraviolet curtains and pillows that complement your other room interiors and make your home interesting."

Adding an ultraviolet hue to your bathroom decor can rejuvenate the mood in your bath space. "A scented ultraviolet candle can be a simple but refreshing addition to your bathroom and can fit seamlessly into any kind of bath decor that you choose," says Pradeep James, director, design & VM, Urban Ladder.

Designers and customers could find it tricky to adapt the bold hue of ultraviolet to their homes. "If one is afraid to invest in a big piece, a low-key method of incorporating this colour could not go wrong; maybe with a piece of art or a painting. This colour could also be used in luxury projects to define boldness and elegance," says Alok Duggal, COO, Homestudio.com.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time paint the town ultraviolet.  

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