Modi addresses students on exam stress

Modi addresses students on exam stress

Modi addresses students on exam stress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday reached out to country's young students and their parents ahead of the Lok Sabha polls next year, giving them a pep talk on how to handle stress and peer pressure to perform well in their examinations and succeed in life.

Holding "pareeksha pe charcha" (discussion on examination) here at Talkatora Stadium, he also offered his friendship to the youngsters and asked them to take their examinations and other challenges in daily life with confidence instead of succumbing to pressure.

Over 10 crore students and teachers from 6 lakh schools and 35,000 colleges watched the prime minister's discussion on examination as the event was aired live on television and also webstreamed on various social media platforms.

"Today, I am glad that I have made 10 crore new friends through this programme," Modi said while speaking at the event.

Responding to students question on how to deal with the pressure created by the family members and peers over their performance in academics and examinations, Modi advised them to first become a responsible person by asertaining their priorities in life and hold "a dialogue" with their parents "when they are in a good mood".

"Every every child in India is a born politician. They know how to get their wishes fulfiled in their family. If they want a permission from their parents for something, they would rope in other family members like sister, grandparents to convince them on his behalf," Modi said in a lighter vein.

He also urged parents not to thrust their "unfulfilled dreams" on their wards, asking them to remain open with their children "just like friends" to give them the sense of confidence that they require to excel in their lives.

"I want to urge parents to not compare their children with others. Everyone has different abilities. You should not make the accomplishments of your children your social status," he said.

Modi exhorted the students to practice yoga to bring balance in their body and mind.

During the porogramme, one of the students asked the prime minister if he was "feeling nervous" with the Lok Sabha elections next year.

"I am only focused on working for the well-being of the people of this country. Elections and results come and go. To me, they are just by-products. As many as 125 crore people are with me. They are my strength," Modi responded.

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