GP polls: Pay for temple, grab gaddi

GP polls: Pay for temple, grab gaddi

It is voters who are calling the shots resulting in repair and renovation of  dilapidated temples in many villages.

“If you pay for the restoration of the temple in the village, our vote for you is guaranteed..” is something that is constantly heard in Karur village in the district’s Siruguppa taluk. The village’s Shiva temple is being restored and the work had stopped midway. Till now Rs seven lakh fifty thousand has been spent and another Rs eight lakh is required.

In the light of the gram panchayat elections they have come to a decision. There are 16 seats in the village. However, four candidates have to be elected from the place where the temple is located.

The villagers elders have said that the responsibility of the candidates ascending the gram panchayat seats should be left to them. In turn each candidate should donate Rs 2 lakh for the temple. Instead of wasting money on liquor and food, if the same money is utilised for the restoration of the temple, it will be better served, is the opinion of the elders.

A candidate will spend a minimum of Rs five lakh during the election. Instead, all a candidate has to do is spend Rs two lakh and he will be elected, say the village elders. When this idea was proposed in the village, it was expected that the candidates would be elected unopposed.

However, when the filing of nominations began it is learnt to their utter dismay that many have entered the fray.

Many are disappointed with this turn of events as they are worried now whether they would get money to complete the restoration work of the temple.