BMRCL helpless after Roerich Board objects to erecting pillars

Last Updated : 22 March 2018, 19:22 IST

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BENGALURU, dhns: Uncertainty prevails over the building of BMRCL's Anjanapura depot on the Yelachanahalli line extension after Roerich and Devikarani Roerich Estate Board objected to putting up pillars in its land.

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited had earlier shifted the depot to a private land following objections by the estate board and the Forest Department, but it had put up the pillars for the approach line on the land belonging to the estate.

The estate is categorical that it cannot allow use of its land for purposes other than its own activities in compliance with the 1996 Supreme Court order. It is also concerned that the construction would impact the wooded area just 24 kilometres away from the city centre.

The matter would be resolved at the forthcoming meeting with the Chief Secretary scheduled at the end of this month.

Not forest dept land

The estate board rejected claims by BMRCL that the land along the National Highway belongs to the Forest Department. It said the 100-acre tree park is also part of the Roerich estate and this has been clarified with the Forest Department.

"Records show that the Devikarani and Roerich estate has 468 acres and 33 guntas," said the estate Chief Executive Officer G H Puttahalagaiah. "The National Highway cuts through the land, leaving 326 acres on one side and 100 acres on the other side, where the Forest Department has created a tree park."

Violation of court order

He said the estate cannot allow BMRCL to use its land for erecting pillars for the metro line since it would violate the 1996 Supreme Court order. For the third party use of its land, the Roerich Committee may have to place a proposal before the apex court and seek its permission.

Back and forth

The BMRCL has shifted the depot's location twice before. It first chose survey numbers 124 and 126 in BM Kaval Reserve Forest, which the Forest Department had opposed saying it is part of the elephant corridor.

After Chief Secretary Subhash Chandra Kunthia's intervention in May 2017, the Corporation moved the location to survey number 38 in Roerich Estate. It was once again shifted to a private land along the National Highway after the estate's objections.

BMRCL unconvinced

Puttahalagaiah said the estate had shown other pieces of land to BMRCL for the depot to ensure there was no encroachment of the estate, but the Corporation remains unconvinced. The matter will now be discussed at the meeting with Chief Secretary Ratna Prabha. Delay in construction works would put back the December 2018 deadline BMRCL had set for the completion of the depot.

Published 22 March 2018, 19:22 IST

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