7 quick ideas for a puja room

7 quick ideas for a puja room

7 quick ideas for a puja room

The puja room is the heart of any Indian home and is considered to be a pious and pristine space of the home. We all love to see our temple decorated in a traditional way drenched in the aroma of incense sticks and soulful chants. So, why not bring in the essence of the temple into your homes. Besides figurines of deities, there are many other ways to decorate your prayer space.

Musical chime

The chimes of temple bells fill the atmosphere with positive vibes and fresh energy. Puja is incomplete without the sound of bells. Hang the bells on the puja room doors and immerse your home in the sweet chimes of the mandir bells.

Splash of colour

Any auspicious occasion and it is incomplete without a beautiful rangoli drawn on the floor by the family. It is believed that the rangoli brings in good luck and prosperity for the family. Rangoli at the puja room will make it look pure and exquisite.

Let light shine

Bring in beautiful lamps and decorate the puja room with it. When lit, the lamps will create a pious atmosphere for you to sit, pray and meditate. It also signifies devotion to the deities.

Natural freshness

Nothing can be more fresh and alluring than flowering plants in your puja room. Every day it will be a fresh offering to the god and will decorate the space in an innovative and eco-friendly way too.

Carvings on the wood

Indian temples are famous and admired for intricate carvings on them. Imagine how alluring your prayer space will look if you could decorate it with intricately carved wooden doors. Make it elaborate or keep it simple, the choice is yours.

Shining from above

Beautiful chandeliers will instantaneously enhance the beauty quotient of the puja room. It would surely make it shine when lit and decorate it during the day when switched off.

Set it with love

Take the liberty to decorate the puja room your way. Paint on the wall and doors, keep a statue of your choice, buy a temple or customise a cabinet to place the statue and the essentials; just set it all with faith and it will look serene.

A well-decorated puja room creates a sacred ambience and peaceful atmosphere in your home. Try it!