Southern films gave Sonu grounding

Southern films gave Sonu grounding

Right Break

Southern films gave Sonu grounding


Sonu Sood is in the thick of action. Despite a severe nose injury that happened on the sets on Dabangg, he has returned to complete the climax of the movie.

“I am on a strong dose of antibiotics and I thought it was insane to make a 400-strong crew waiting just for me to return from my injury,” said Sonu. 

Sonu is best remembered for the powerful roles he essayed in Telugu movies.

He drew the attention of the industry with the Telugu blockbuster Arundhati.

“Films down South gave me solid grounding. I have worked with the best technicians. The appreciation and encouragement is instant,” Sonu said.

Dabangg is based on the mafia and crimes that take place in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

“My role is that of a young politician who gets things done with money and muscle power. He soon gets into a tussle with another corrupt politician. The movie is
about gang wars and crimes that escape headlines,” says Sonu.

Sonu has been working hard to acquire a toned body. “I have trained in taekwondo and sword fighting — all that comes in handy when I work in an action film,” he says.

During his student days in an engineering college, Sonu interacted and moved around with a lot of Bihari students. He knows how carefree the youngsters in Bihar are. “They do anything they want and there’s nobody to question them,” he reasons.

Sonu does his homework for his roles whenever he can. “When donning the role
of a historical figure, there are plenty of books that you can read up. But in the case of a real-life instance, you have to get in touch with reality to know the facts,” Sonu observes.

Talking about his toughest phase thus far, Sonu says, “it’s hard when you don’t get the right role. And staying at home without work can be quite frustrating. But when you get the right break, all the waiting and patience pays off,” he says.

Telugu film Arundhati will soon be remade into Hindi. Sonu’s on the way to finalising his next movie.

Why hasn’t Sonu contemplated acting in a Kannada film? “I am looking forward to acting in a Kannada film. Language is no barrier. If I can speak fluent Tamil and Telugu, then I don’t think it will be long before I pick up Kannada,” he wraps up.

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