'BJP govt entangled in controversies'

'BJP govt entangled in controversies'

Addressing a news conference on Tuesday, she said that the latest controversy pertaining to Minster Hartal Halappa is a serious one and it should not end at resignation of the Minister.

“Whenever a Minister in Yeddyurappa’s cabinet falls into some controversy, he first conveniently takes resignation from them and then makes them the President of some Board or Corporation,” she pointed and added that handing over the case to CID is just a method to control the situation. She opined that the case must be handed over to CBI immediately.

She said that to restore the faith of people on Government, it must treat Halappa like a common man and facilitate the trials. In case, the Government continues to waste time by allowing Halappa to move around freely, then people will lose faith on this Government.

“If the CM continues to support Halappa, then disciplined ministers in the cabinet should resign. The CM had already shown the world that power and position is more important for him over ethics and values,” she said.

She opined that the State government has this illusion that all their mistakes will be washed away if they win election, but enlightened citizens should prove it wrong during this Gram Panchayat elections.

She said that some parties are frightened by the announcement of coffee package by the Centre right at the time of GP elections. Hence, they are indulging into spreading wrong notion on the purpose of the package.

“The members who are talking false things about the package should first know the details of the package properly. The package is going to benefit about 97 per cent coffee growers in Chikmagalur, Hassan and Kodagu,” she said. Congress District President M L Murthy and Spokesperson A N Mahesh were present.