Cooking it up

Some of the most popular television lifestyle shows focus on cooking and eating as an experience and provide tips on how to cook and present your meal or even throw a great party. At an event held in the City recently, the guests were treated to the upcoming episodes of Discovery Channel’s Travel and Living’s popular cookery shows .

With an avid fan following already in place, the lovely ladies Nigella Lawson and Kylie Kwong with newcomer to Indian small screens, Rachel Allen, the channel is all set to take viewers on a culinary journey spanning different cuisines and styles of cooking. The shows promise to create and awaken a sense of adventure in a wannabe and even seasoned chefs.

From cupcakes to casseroles, both sweet and savoury baking treats will be given the Rachel Allen treatment in this new series called... you guessed it, Rachel Allen Bake!
In this program, baking takes on its widest possible meaning covering everything from breads to quiches from savoury pies to cakes, all made easy to follow by Rachel.
She also ventures out in search of chocolatiers, master bread-makers, pie makers and cake specialists, to learn from their craft.

Nigella Lawson is back with her seductive cooking style and a new collection of irresistible summery recipes that can be enjoyed at anytime of the year.

Featuring food from around the globe, catch Nigella as she picnics, barbecues and creates easy and delicious beach food recipes in her signature culinary style.
In Nigella’s words, the kitchen should become “not a place you escape from, but the place you escape to”.

Widely known as the celebrity chef who cooked her first fried rice for her grandmother when she was four, Kylie Kwong is a master of Chinese food, making a range of dishes from beef, seafood, poultry, duck, eggs, vegetables, noodles, soup, tofu, pickles, rice and wontons.

She also demonstrates how to use chopsticks, stir fry vegetables and cook authentic Chinese food at home using locally available ingredients.

Tune in to these shows every Friday, Saturday and Tuesday at 10 pm on Discovery Travel and Living.

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