'Raajneeti' bears no resemblance to Sonia's life: Prakash Jha

'Raajneeti' bears no resemblance to Sonia's life: Prakash Jha

'Raajneeti' bears no resemblance to Sonia's life: Prakash Jha


"Sonia Gandhi's has been a life of struggle and she has achieved a lot. Her story is an inspiration. A separate film is required to make a story on her life. 'Raajneeti' and Katrina Kaif's character in particular has no resemblance to her," he said.

Praising the actress Jha said that people should appreciate actress Katrina, who has difficulty in speaking Hindi, for her efforts to improve her command over the language.

"We have to appreciate her efforts instead of finding faults in her accent," he said.Jha described his film as a commercial, entertaining drama where politics happens to be the game every one is playing."It is not politics of governance, but politics that we indulge in everyday life. It deals with personal loyalty, greed and betrayals. 'Raajneeti' is not preachy. I have tried to understand politics and shared my story with everyone," he said.

The filmmaker, who unsuccessfully contested the last general election, said that he was done with active politics and will not contest again."I contested the election because I wanted to have a platform for the work I am doing at an individual level," he said adding that even though he fought on a Lok Janshakti party (LJP) ticket, he has not joined any party and does not propagate any party ideology.

Jha said there was no connection to his decision to make a film on politics and him having contested an election.The filmmaker will be having multi-city promotions for the film which releases on June 4."We will tour seven cities and interact with students from college campuses on issues centring around youth and politics ...like compulsory voting and reservations," he said adding that the cast and crew will travel to Bangalore on Monday to be followed by Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Indore.

As part of the promotions, Jha has also recorded the national anthem with the film's stars which he said would be given to the owners of the theatres for screenings. Meanwhile, actor Ranbir Kapoor said even though he has been a regular voter, he understood politics better after working in the film."Politics is a very important profession. Lots of hard work and sacrifices are necessary," he said.

When asked about his experience working in a multi-starrer for the first time, Kapoor said he considered himself a character in every film and not a star."An actor does not control the film, but the film controls all the characters," he said.Katrina said she followed the director throughout the film. "I don't know enough politics and I don't play a politician all along the film," she said.To a question if she would ever contest an election in real life, Katrina said, "It would be definitely from Bhopal."

'Raajneeti' has been extensively shot in the Madhya Pradesh capital.Asked about her character's relationship with Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor in the film, Katrina said it was complex."Arjun and Ranbir's characters have many layers. They are not straightforwardly good or bad," she said.