Making it to the top

Making it to the top


MES Pre University College of Arts, Commerce and Science

What really excited Chandana after seeing her marks was the fact she had scored a cent per cent in three of her favourite subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Maths. But she had not expected it. “I was thrilled on the day my results were announced. I couldn’t believe it because I felt that I had not totally prepared for the exams,” says she.

Using a simple approach towards her studies, Chandana says she never really abided by a time table. “I studied whenever I felt like. But once I got into the mood I really concentrated,” she says. Known to be a simple and sincere girl in college, Chandana was never interested in any extracurricular activities. “There is no exact reason for that. I was always engrossed in my books,” she explains.

Her teachers too agree. “She was a very hardworking girl and one of those few students who attended classes regularly. If there’s one thing I remember of her then it would be her determination to get more marks. She would always come and fight for more marks and ask where she could improve in her answers,” says Sujatha, the chemistry teacher in MES College.

Chandana’s mother Premila, says though she is the only child, Chandana has always been hardworking. “There was never a question of pressure from home because we trusted her enough. She went for tuitions and studied anytime she felt like. We are all very happy for her and as for the future, it will all depend on her CET ranking,” adds Premila.

Pankaj Mishra
St Joseph’s Pre University College

For Pankaj Mishra, second year Pre University result was a dream come true. Though his college does not know which rank he holds in the State, his score of 580 (highest scorer in science being 588) has made them proud of him. Having achieved a cent per cent in Computer Science and 99 in Sanskrit, Physics, Chemistry and 93 in Maths, Pankaj says his consistent preparation for the finals paid off. “I had kept a goal of 85 per cent but topping in the college is a bonus,” he says.

Ask his teachers and they all agree that he has always been very consistent when it comes to examinations. “He has been a studious boy with a healthy attendance. We had expectations from him because he has been a continuous rank holder,” says Sudharshan, one of the teachers from science faculty. While Sanskrit is his favourite subject, Pankaj never forgets to be part of other activities too. “I enjoy debating and taking part in fests held in college. But I am more drawn towards Sanskrit events,” he says.

His mother Kamal, who is a non-teaching staff in the same college says she is very happy for her son. “We never  pressurised him in any way. He took coaching classes and put in hard work to come this far,” she adds.

Pankaj’s younger brother, Punith, is in second PUC and Pankaj is aware of the expectations that there will be from him. “There is bound to be comparisons. But my advice to him would be not to pay any attention and give his very best by studying hard,” says Pankaj, who eagerly awaits his CET results.

Megha Shenoy