Running on a different path

Running on a different path

Running on a different path

talented Rahul Bose Dh photo by dinesh s k

Rahul, who was in town recently, spoke about the Bangalore Marathon, the City and his upcoming releases.

Although Rahul has been a rugby player for the past 25 years, he talked about how running is different. “I have been running for 25 years but rugby and running don’t always go together because you need more stamina and endurance for long distance running,” he says.

About his love for this marathon, which he has been a part of since its inception, he says, “I love it because it is a great equaliser. Everyone is equal then because a beggar without shoes can run next to an industrialist with a pair of Nikes. Plus, there is so much money raised for charities,” he says. “It is a true community event. There is no barrier, at least for two-three hours, and it is a feeling that India should experience,” he adds.

He also talks about his interest in this city. “I love Bangalore because the people here watch my movies,” he laughs. About the youngsters here, he says, “I feel, of all the young people in the country, the youth here are the least bigoted.”

He further goes on to speak about the deterioration of culture here. “In spite of the interest, art, dance and theatre in the City is suffering and need to be encouraged,” he says. Ask about critics and Rahul says, “There are only a few good critics in the country but personally I feel that everybody has a right to an opinion,” he says.

“I think celebrities now have become very intolerant to criticism,” he adds. So what are the future projects he is working on? “Well, The Japanese Wife is released and gone. Among my upcoming movies are a psychological thriller Fired,  Kuch Love Jaisa, a love story with Shefali Shah, and ‘I am’ where I play a homosexual,” he says. He talks excitedly about Fired. “It is very Westernised and edgy.” Westernised? “It is not about bungalows and women in white saris. We have done a pitiable job at horror till now but this movie has the thriller element too,” he says. Any more movies?

“There is one movie on Hindu-Muslim question and another, I would say is a fun caper,” he says. With whom? “That I can’t reveal right now,” he adds.