Punjabi Taliban behind attacks

Punjabi Taliban behind attacks

Arrested terrorist says they were trained in Waziristan before mosque siege

Punjabi Taliban behind attacks

Abdullah Mohammad and Amir Muavia were captured after they stormed the Ahemdi mosque in the upscale Model Town area of Lahore on Friday.
Muavia was seriously injured when his suicide vest failed to detonate properly.  Mohammad, 18, was captured by worshippers when he tried to set off explosives strapped to his body.

“We received training in Waziristan (tribal region). Our commander is Badar Mansoor, who is based in south Punjab,” Mohammad was quoted as saying by SSP (investigation) Zuliqar Hamid. Hamid said Mohammad had disclosed that the attackers were sent by the Punjabi faction of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

“Muavia is seriously injured and has been operated upon. We will interrogate him after his condition improves,” Hamid said. Mohammad hails from Rahim Yar Khan district in the southern part of the Punjab province. Police teams have been sent there to take his family and acquaintances into custody, Hamid said.

Superintendent of Police (Model Town) Rana Ayaz Salim said over a dozen suspects had been taken into custody in Lahore in connection with the attack on two Ahemdi mosques.
“We launched a crackdown late on Friday night and arrested over a dozen suspects,” he said. Police said they gleaned positive clues about the network of the attackers from the information provided by Mohammad.

At least 95 people were killed in the coordinated attacks on the Ahmedi mosques at Model Town and the heavily-congested Garhi Shahu areas of Lahore. Over 100 others were injured in the attacks.

Among the dead were former judge Munir Shiekh, Lt Gen (retired) Naseer Ahmed and a senior government official. Police said Muavia and Mohammad came to the Model Town mosque on a motorcycle.

The motorcycle was rigged with an explosive device, which they set off before storming the mosque. At least three other terrorists targeted the mosque in Ghari Shahu. They too came to the mosque on a motorcycle fitted with an explosive device which they detonated as they entered the mosque.
These three attackers blew themselves up when they were cornered by the police.