Nightmare journey to Tirupati irks consumers

Nightmare journey to Tirupati irks consumers

Nightmare journey to Tirupati irks consumers

Shivamurthy, an advocate had paid Rs 2,400 to Sri Sai Balaji Tours and Travels, for his friend and himself. It is an authorised Karnataka State Tourism and Development Corporation (KSTDC) agent.

The two booked Tirupati package tickets that entitles them to a free entry ticket to special darshan, a room and breakfast. As they tried to board the bus at 9 pm they were given another ticket that belonged to Varsha Travels and not the KSTDC. They were informed that the amount would be refunded on their return journey. Shivamurthy and his friend neither got a free entry ticket to special darshan, nor breakfast and room. They had to climb up the hill for the darshan without breakfast and had to buy an extra ticket of Rs 400 for their return journey by KSTDC.

The Third Forum President T Rajashekariah ordered Sri Sai Tours and Travels to pay up Rs 2,400 to Shivamurthy and Rs 5,000 as compensation with Rs 3,000 as costs.

Shriram Chits to pay up
Krishnamal N had subscribed to Shriram Chits (Karnataka) Pvt Ltd for a chit of Rs 5,00,000 for 50 months. She had made a bid for which Shriram Chits was liable to pay Rs 4,55,000 as bid amount. The opposite party confirmed the bid amount and had taken all necessary documents from her along with her signature but the amount was not paid to her. This Forum has ordered the company  to pay Rs 4,52,425 to her with an interest of 18 per cent along with Rs 25,000 as compensation.

Blue Valley penalised
Venkatesh Deshpande had purchased a site of 2,400 sqft from Blue Valley Properties paying Rs 8,46,000, as advance but the firm named Smilee Anand Vana Phase III never started. Hence, this Forum has ordered Blue Valley Properties to refund
Rs 4,46,000 to Deshpande with 18 per cent interest.

Society told to allot site
Dr A S Parashiva Murthy had applied for a site after becoming a member of the University of Agricultural Sciences Employees’ House Building Co-operative Society. He had paid Rs 1.68 lakh towards the site. Despite several reminders he is still awaiting for the allotment of site.

The Forum has ordered the Co-operative Society allot a site to him in Jakkur Shivanahalli Layout in three months’ time.