Resolution against BBMP move

Resolution against BBMP move

Resolution against BBMP move

The Save Bangalore Committe (SBC), which is spearheading peoples movement against the project, in its resolution, termed the project as devastating, inhuman and illegal and declared Bangalore  belongs to citizens and not to politicians, contractors and bureaucrats.

It’s an urban displacement project as it will affect more than 38,000 persons owning different properties.


Road widening cannot only be a solution to growing traffic woes. The project aims to protect interests of politicians, contractors and bureaucrats, the resolution stated.

The resolution took strong exception of resorting to road widening much before metro rail project and mono rail project are completed and termed Transferable Development Rights as heinous.

The resolution welcomed the decision to form an anti-senseless road widening project committee comprising citizens, organisations, unions and federations of all sorts to take the ongoing fight to a logical end.

The resolution called upon citizens and associations to intensify the protest, stage continuous rallies, conduct public meetings, block roads and picket Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike offices.