Affected residents to hold satyagraha

Affected residents to hold satyagraha

During the public interaction at the NGO Hall in Cubbon Park on Sunday, people unanimously decided to intensify the movement against the widening of 227 roads and bring all the affected people under one umbrella.

One of the affected parties asked Justice M F Saldanha about his opinion on launching satyagraha. To this Justice Saldanha said he is happy that such ideas are emerging and demanded that the BBMP should scrap all the road widening project as it is atrocious.
Justice said that common man become helpless as such projects are executed using muscle powers. 

“What can a common man do if someone comes with the heavy excavating machine. Due to the Metro Rail project 350 people committed suicide in New Delhi. The government has become anti-people”, he said.

He said that all the 28 public interest litigations that were filed in the High Court against the project were rejected. He opined that courts too have a duty to uphold people’s right.

“We expect justice from the courts for the masses. Courts should also understand people’s miseries,” he said. He viewed that road widening projects undertaken by the BBMP and absolute atrocity and flayed the TDR system saying that it has failed in Mumbai.