'Bundh may draw govt's attention'

Last Updated 04 July 2010, 19:43 IST

Women, in particular, who are agitated by the hike in the LPG price, hope that the bundh will bring the attention of the Government to the problem of rising prices of commodities. However, a few others feel that there are other ways of protesting, without affecting the normal life. Yet other citizens feel that a bundh will not change the situation. A few of the opinions of the people are given below:

M P Gomes, Businessman.

“I support the Bharat Bundh. I feel that we all should stand up and protest the price hike. Until someone agitates against the price hike we will see no difference. And the government will continue to increase the prices.”

Shalini, Homemaker.

“I think the Bundh is in interest of the public and I support it. As a homemaker there is lot of pressure to run a family with LPG price hike. In general the price hike increases the burden on the public.”

Seema, Homemaker.

“I totally support the Bharat Bundh. The middle class bears the brunt because of the price hike. The monthly budget is affected because of the LPG price hike. And the government is making no efforts to check the price hike. I hope after this bundh we can expect some change.”

Sainath, Student.

I think this bundh is a total waste of time. I am going to have fun on Monday and party hard. There will be no changes in the prices so why call for a bundh unnecessary. But the price hike has affected me because I travel by car everyday and I have shell out more money than usual.”

Vishal, Student.

“I totally support the the bundh because the price hike affects the overall pricing of the essential commodities, like food prices going up. I hope the bundh is a success and the prices are reduced.”

Nishita, Student.

“As a student, the price hike affects me because my travel expenditure goes up. The bundh means nothing to me just that I will not be able to go to malls and movies. But as a citizen, I support the bundh. I think it’s a good step for the centre to take notice of the price hike.”

Swapna, IT professional.

“I don’t support the bundh at all. I think it totally disturbs the corporate cycle. It’s a beginning of a week and I want to work rather than sitting at home. The bundh creates unnecessary inconvenience to the public and disrupts daily routine.”

Arun, employee of Varizon.

“I am against the Bharat bundh. The price hike definitely affects us. But this not a way to protest. You protest in a manner that doesn't affect the public. The bundh will create inconvenience to the general public.

(Published 04 July 2010, 19:43 IST)

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