A memorable first date with college!

A memorable first date with college!

As students step into college, they have plenty of things to look forward to. Metrolife takes a look

A memorable first date with college!

Joyous Students are eager to start college as it ensures more freedom.

But these students are anxious too. They want to know what is in store for them in this brand new place. There are some students who do feel like a fish out of water. But some just get along with the flow.

Pragathi S says, “Even as I was finishing my tenth standard, I was excited about joining college. I felt college will eventually turn out better than school. Now that I have entered college, I enjoy being here. I feel like a big girl and more responsible.”

While some students are trying to make new friends, others have been trying to meet their schoolmates who have joined the same college. Vaishnavi M V says, “I met some of my school friends and it made me extremely happy to see familiar faces. Slowly, we got together and now we have made some new friends. When we move around in a group, it is easier to make friends as one of us is sure to know somebody or other. This way my friends’ circle has become bigger.”

Seniors are a big support system for many freshers. Most of them have cousins, friends and schoolmates studying in the same college. This brings in cheer on many faces and makes them feel more comfortable.

Ragini says, “Initially it is a little freaky when one joins a new college, everything and everyone around you looks like an alien. It just takes a little time to overcome this fear.
Slowly, when you start becoming friends with your college mates, they in turn introduce you to others and soon one can have a long list of friends. And then, there is no looking back at all,” she gleams.

Maaz says, “Seniors and friends help a lot in making things better for newcomers. They guide us in many things, we get inputs about the best and worst teacher, canteen, surroundings of the college and many other valid points which every fresher requires.”