Ways to unwind

Ways to unwind

Ways to unwind

Refreshing: Playing games on the computer is a stressbuster.

They often face obstacles and challenges which can lead to some degree of stress and anxiety. So they are now looking at different ways to unwind.

For Aneesh, an engineering student of BMSCE, books are great companions and can help in de-stressing. “Whenever I feel stressed out, I spend time at book shops and read my favourite books. Arthur Hailey, Erle Stanley Gardner, Ananda Coomaraswamy and Jeffrey Archer in English, Nemichandra, S L Bhyrappa and A Na Krishna Rao in Kannada are my favourite authors,’’ he says.

According to him, reading short stories help in beating tension and monotony. “I undergo a lot of pressure during exams and while doing project works. Once I finish doing that, I’d like to read my favourite books. They refresh my mind and help me take up new tasks. Thus fresh thoughts and ideas start coming in,’’ he avers. Listening to melodious songs and watching good movies are the other options to de-stress.

Shruti Nair, a student of PESIT, regards music as a powerful tool in relieving stress. She describes her ipod as a constant companion and she keeps her mind cool all the time. “Everyone follows different ways to de-stress. Likewise, I listen to soft rock often and feel really good after that. Sleeping is also a good way to beat the stress. When you wake up after a sound sleep, you feel refreshed,’’ she explains.

Shruti adds, “The curriculum schedule is so tight that we can’t take it lightly. Tests and internals keep on happening and we need to complete our assignments, projects and journals before the deadline. Music has the magical effect to sooth the mind. I also read books and chat with friends when I am bored.’’

Ranjana Kulkarni, a student does meditation daily for peace of mind and to gain concentration on her studies. “I benefit from meditation as regard to my routine and my studies. I can concentrate on studies longer. My anger has decreased to a large extent and I can make the right decisions. Hence, I am less worried and stress-free now,’’ beams Rajana. “I also play games on computer and tennis to get charged,” she adds.
Harsh Vikram, another student, says time management is the best way to beat stress and anxiety in our day-to-day life. ‘’It all depends on our mindset and how we react to a situation. I had undergone a lot of stress during my initial college days where I struggled hard to complete heavy syllabus. Later, I learnt the art of time management and never felt pressurised till now. But, whenever I get bored of studies, I play games on my cellphone and log on to social networking sites,’’ he avers.