NRI boy to get 5 million pound compensation from UK hospital

NRI boy to get 5 million pound compensation from UK hospital

This week, Gurshan Tiwana, who was delivered premature by emergency caesarean section, was awarded 800,000 pounds, and lawyers acting for him said the final damages claim could be nearly 5 million pounds.

Gurshan Tiwana, who lives with his family in Leicester, was "apparently stillborn" when he was delivered prematurely by emergency caesarean section at Wexham Park Hospital, in Slough, in February 2005.

The medical staff managed to resuscitate him, but he was starved of oxygen and left suffering from devastating cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Gurshan will need extensive care for as long as he lives.Through his father, Parminder Tiwana, Gurshan is suing the hospital's managers, who do not dispute liability.
Gurshan's case is expected to return to the High Court in June next year for a final assessment of his damages pay-out.His lawyers have valued his total claim at more than 5 million pounds.

At London's High Court, Justice Nicola Davies this week sanctioned Gurshan 800,000 pounds "interim payment" so that his family can buy him a new home suitable for his needs.
The family's barrister, David Heaton, said another interim payment of 420,000 pounds had already been paid by the NHS Trust, making a total of more than 1.2 million pounds to date, all of which will be needed to pay for Gurshan's care regime.

Heaton told the court the money received so far would not be enough to pay for all the adaptations and extensions that needed to be made to the home the family is now set to buy.