Gregory's issue will be taken up with CM

Gregory's issue will be taken up with CM

Chairman of Organic mission promises justice to the evicted family

Gregory's issue will be taken up with CM

Seeing the video clipping of the Patrao’s being displaced coercively the Chairman could not fight his tears. “This is inhuman and such an act of cruelty can not be meted out to a farmer, who feeds the nation,” said Anand.

Speaking to reporters later, Anand said that there are very few people left in the country who would brush aside crores of rupees and want to continue as farmers. Gregory is one of them who values his land and his profession to money and hence people should see to it that this fighter does not lose this battle.

“I have spoken to the family and I have got a clear picture of what had happened. I will speak to the Chief Minister on Saturday in Shimoga and see to it that Gregory’s demands are fulfiled,” Anand said and added that since returning the same land will be difficult, providing fertile cultivable land in the vicinity for the Patraos will be looked at. “The CM will be requested to provide a new house for the family. Hopefully, Saturday will be Gregory’s last day of protest,” said Anand.

Answering a question on the next move in case the CM does not respond to the pleas, Anand said that he is an optimistic person who has full faith that Gregory’s fight for justice will not go in vain.

He further said that if the Government does not come forth to build the house the farmers of the state will build the house brick by brick for Gregory. Anand said that fertile lands are acquired in the name of industrial development but never in the history of the country has industrial land been acquired to make way for agriculture. This is the paradox of this country. This calls for amendment of KIADB Act which is evidently anti-farmer in nature. Later, Anand also visited ‘residence’ (the make shift tent) of Gregory at Kalavaru and met the family members.

‘We too understand’

As Deputy Commissioner was not in town, Assistant Deputy Commissioner Prabhakar Sharma came to interact with the Chairman. Responding to the queries of the delegation, Sharma said that he would not be able to answer their doubts and queries as he is in no way connected Gregory case.

“As government employees we feel bad to leave a place where we serve for a year or two. In such a situation I can completely understand Gregory’s feelings but at the end of the day we are implementing the Government projects. We will have to keep emotions away and go by what the rules say,” said Sharma.

During the discussion, the farmers expressed contempt over the fact that Gregory was not given an opportunity to move to appeal in the higher court. “He is not a criminal, he is a farmer. Even Ajmal Kasab is given an opportunity to appeal in the higher court,” the farmers said.