Bharath, Joshine emerge champions

Siddharth, Tiiu grab honours in shorter race at BSA Duathlon

Bharath came across the finish line in 1:24:37 minutes while Joshine clocked 1:48:44 in the 10K running and 20K cycling competition. Siddharth completed the 5K running and 10K cycling course in 48 minutes and 20 seconds, while Tiiu finished in 1:01:09.

Bharath looked set for a top-three finish from the word go. His technique proved vital as he charged into the lead within minutes of the start. Turning in at the 2.5 k mark, Bharath saw his challengers playing catch-up but the farmer’s son burst on towards the transition point. His evident discomfort with the cycle played a part in reducing his lead but by the third turn, he looked in better shape heading into the last leg of the race.

The second of the two 5K runs posed no challenge to the long distance runner as he breezed through the finish line long before the second runner.

“It is an honour to win such an unique event. I am more of a long distance runner but cycling is a hobby and it certainly helped me today,” said the 17-year-old Presidency Pre-University College student.

Bharath bagged a Rs 7,000 gift voucher from TI Cycles and a Rs 5,000 gift voucher from Nike, apart from a mobile from Sangeetha Store.

Siddharth won the shorter version most comprehensively. An aspiring 800M runner, he sprinted from the very start and to everyone’s surprise, the relative unknown held his pace on foot and cycle to take home a gift voucher for Rs 5,000.

The event’s oldest competitor BR Janardhan, 76, not only completed the longer distance race but also cycled back 40 kilometres to reach home. All this was after he cycled 40K merely to reach the competition venue in the morning!

Despite repeated requests, the organisers were unable to provide details of the second and third-placed finishers in all categories.

Results: Long distance (10K run+20K cycling): Open Men: Bharath KA (1:24:37). Seniors: Ashok Nath (1:31:11). Open Women: Joshine Antony (1:48:44). Seniors: Juju Grieve (2:18:25). Short distance (5K run+10K cycling): Open Men: Siddharth Kansal (48:20). Seniors: Suresh Pathi (55:53). Open Women: Tiiu Vail (1:01:09). Seniors: Usha Mani (1:38:01).

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