Picnic for 'Gana Bajanaa' team

Picnic for 'Gana Bajanaa' team

Picnic for 'Gana Bajanaa' team

Happy moments: The cast and crew of Gana Bajanaa.

Recently the entire team of Gana Bajaana took a group of contest winners, that was held a while back, to Club Cabana for a fun picnic.

The winners not only got to interact and play with the cast and crew of the film but also got a sneak-peak into the videos of two of the songs from the film.

“The contest was announced a month back and we got a huge response for it. Around 150 to 200 people were selected to attend the picnic. It was a great feeling as not only did they get to know us better but we too got to know them a little better,” says Prashant.

The day was filled with interactive games as well, one of them being finding out who could impress the leading pair Radhika Pandit and Tharun the best. “All of us danced and there was a projector which showed two songs from the film, for which we got a tremendous response. It was a picnic I will never forget,” says Radhika.

This being the second film from the same team as Love Guru, expectations are on the rise and Prashanth sure did feel the pressure while interacting with the fans.

“We spoke about a lot of things. From the climax of Love Guru to the expectations on Gana Bajanaa. After talking to them, I realised how much they expect from us and hopefully we will live up to it,” Prashant signs off.