Jayalalithaa hits out at DMK government on Cauvery issue

Jayalalithaa hits out at DMK government on Cauvery issue

In a statement, the former chief minister said: "The Cauvery Water Tribunal (CWT) had given its final award in 2007. It is nearly three and half years and the DMK government has not taken any steps for implementation of the award."

On the other hand, she said her government had taken steps to notify the Tribunal's interim award in the official gazette in 1991 after winning a case against Karnataka on the subject. She said the land under Kuruvai cultivation has come down just 53,000 hectares from the normal 300,000 hectares.

Justifying her description of the DMK government as minority, Jayalalithaa said: "In the 234-seat assembly a party should win 118 seats to form a government on its own. In the 2006 elections no party was able to get absolute majority and the DMK with the help of other parties formed the government."

She said had the DMK co-opted the Congress in the government it would have been known as a coalition government. Refuting Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi's argument that higher fund allocation was made during the DMK period for various departments as compared to the AIADMK rule, she said increased allocation was mainly due to inflation/price rise.

According to her, the increased allocation to the state police department denotes the worsening law and order situation under the government as compared to her rule.