An afternoon of karaoke

Bonding session

Conducted by DJ Praful, part of the talented team of DJ Sasha, one of the best-known jockeys in the circuit, this event lived up to its promise of being a fun way to unwind after the usual work week. The programme was held at the campus cafeteria during the second half of the day. DJ Praful played a chosen mix of Hindi, English and regional tracks for interested participants to sing along. The enthusiasm of the Sapient people was palpable. The session proved to be an excellent team-building event. It also created a healthy competitive environment, with some participating and the others cheering them on. The most entertaining singer was chosen by popular demand and the top three winners received gift certificates.

“This is the first time that we’ve ever hosted a karaoke event at any of our offices in India”, said Munish Mishra, Director and Office Lead of Sapient, Bangalore. “All of us occasionally need a break from our daily work schedules and what better way than to sing and make merry. We have a lot of talented singers in our Bangalore office and this event aims at leveraging that talent while having some fun at the same time. We recognise the need and potential of such informal activities and competition and make them part of our people culture.”  The karaoke event witnessed the attendance of many enthusiastic people and kick-started a great beginning to the weekend. The musical afternoon proved to be an enjoyable bonding session. Their earlier initiatives, such as Silent Auction, which saw internal teams bidding for different creative products and services as part of a community fundraising effort, met with huge success and approval.

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