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Last Updated : 03 October 2017, 18:30 IST
Last Updated : 03 October 2017, 18:30 IST
Last Updated : 03 October 2017, 18:30 IST
Last Updated : 03 October 2017, 18:30 IST

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After her recent movie releases ‘Mass Leader’ and ‘Aake’, actor Sharmiela Mandre has been taking it slow. Still basking in the success of her movies, the actor is being extra careful with new scripts now, as she believes that she has to match or beat her own  performances.

In a conversation with Tini Sara Anien, she talks about the world of acting and more.

What is happening at your end?

I was busy with KPL for a few weeks. Apart from that, I was busy listening to stories and new scripts.

So it is a conscious decision to take it slow...

Yes! I was lucky to have back-to-back releases in two months. I want to be sure that whatever I do next is better than what I have done. I am in no hurry. 

Do you feel the pressure after a film does well at the box office?

Definitely! It is often said that ‘You are as good as your last film’. I feel that the next film I do is very crucial for me as everyone will be expecting me to deliver better than what I did in my last project. I don’t want to do a film for the sake of it. I want to be 100 percent sure about a project I take up.

But aren’t you worried that you will be forgotten?

I am lucky that way; I have been spoken about enough this year. I don’t feel that I will be forgotten. Fame isn’t my focus. My agenda has always included doing good films. I want to be seen in films where I will be remembered.

What roles do you want to be seen in?

I have been offered girl-next-door roles and they bored me after a point. I wanted to do roles which bring out my potential and were challenging. I like doing roles which push me as an actor. I love horror and thriller movies. I
also love comedy.

A role or movie that you would have loved to do...

Almost all of Kangana Ranaut’s movies. Be it her small role in ‘Fashion’ or even more elaborate roles like ‘Queen’ or ‘Simran’, I would have liked to essay such unusual roles.

A few characteristics that an actor should have...

Patience, dedication and the persistence to work as hard as possible. The industry is not only about fame, there is a lot of hard work involved.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Still in the industry. I am thinking of starting a production house and make films, with not just me as an actor. I would like to promote fresh talent and provide them the right platform.

There is a lot of fresh talent in Sandalwood. How can one stand apart in the crowd?

Instead of trying to be someone else, one needs to have a unique style and stick by it. People don’t want to see imitations.

Is Sandalwood really open to new actors and women-oriented movies?

The industry has changed a lot. The kind of films that click now have quite a few new people, be it the directors or the actors. The audience wants to see more unconventional stories now. An actor is not just a doll; one needs to know how to act too!

Published 03 October 2017, 15:06 IST

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