'I am in no hurry'

'I am in no hurry'

Learning Lessons

'I am in no hurry'

Pretty: Giselle. Dh photo by Manjunath M S

The tall, lanky Brazilian model was spotted in Mumbai and was almost immediately offered a role in Bollywood. “It all happened by chance. Films were totally unplanned. I have now graduated from speaking just words in Hindi to speaking flawless sentences in Hindi. That’s a great improvement,” Giselle told Metrolife.

Giselle was in the City as a showstopper for a fashion show. “It’s great to get on the ramp again. Feels like old times,” she quips.

Giselle patiently sits through all her Hindi lessons and makes sure she gets all her Bollywood dances steps right during her dance classes. She now wants to make it big in Bollywood.  “I never came here with the intention of getting into films. When it happened I am enjoying every bit of it. I am a beginner and I still have a long way to go before I can be choosy,” she says.

Giselle thinks she’s been rather lucky with her role in Love Aaj Kal. “I got noticed and I think my part really stood out. I didn’t have much to do but still it was substantial,” she says. Giselle has been getting offers, after that but she’s taking it easy. “In my next film, I play a college girl, full of life. She’s a lot like who I am in real life. I would like to take it slow for now,” she says.

While Giselle is adjusting to her life in India and all the madness of the glam world she says she’s taking things as they come and doesn’t want to rush anything, “I am here to learn and I am in no hurry,” she says.

Giselle confesses that she can’t resist the thought of wanting to act with Aamir Khan, “He’s a sensitive actor and an amazing director. He chooses subjects that have life in them. He makes the unreal seem real,” she signs off.