In pursuit of a master's degree in a foreign university

In pursuit of a master's degree in a foreign university

Studying abroad

In pursuit of a master's degree in a foreign university

Dear Sir,

I am an Engineering student, currently in the final year. I wish to pursue an MBA degree in USA. Could you list the top universities that offer an MBA programme? I am good at Maths. What is the scope of a Master’s in Information Systems? Which of the courses is better for me? How expensive is it to study in the US?

Santhosh Kumar

Dear Santhosh,

Admission to an MBA programme in most universities in the US, especially the top ones, require a minimum of two-years’ work experience. Your academic performance at the graduate level, and your GMAT and TOEFL scores will be the deciding factors for admission. Typically, a GMAT score of 600 and above will get you into a top business school in the US. Be warned, the cost of management education is very high in the US.

The annual tuition fee ranges between Rs 18-25 lakh. This does not include living expenses, which roughly work out to Rs 4 lakh a year. Since management courses are rigorous, you may not be able to use the legally permitted 20 hours of work to earn part of your living expenditure. Being good in mathematics is certainly helpful for a course in Information Systems. IS is offered as a science subject at the Master’s level in most universities. If you opt for an MS degree, then you do not need work experience. While the cost of living remains the same, the annual tuition fee for an MS course ranges between Rs 8-12 lakh. Between the two, which course is better for you depends on your aptitude and interest. You may browse the following websites for more information:,,,,,

Dear Sir,

My son is studying in Second PUC (Science). His future has turned into a real worry for me. What are the technical courses available abroad? He wants to pursue Aeronautical Engineering or Nanotechnology. Could you suggest a few institutes that offer these subjects abroad? What are the tests he should take and when?

Suresh Patil

Dear Suresh,

I appreciate your interest to help your son get on the right career path. You have mentioned your son’s interest in Aeronautical Engineering and Nanotechnology, both of which require strong mathematical skills and a good foundation in physics. I suggest that you get his aptitude tested before narrowing down the options. Selection of institution can be done only after he chooses the course and country, based on his interest. All countries, except the US, require only an English language proficiency test, either IELTS or TOEFL. For the US,  he also needs to take SAT1. It usually takes anywhere between eight to 10 months to complete the admission process. There is no dearth of good institutions in countries such as the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc. Since the admission criteria are stringent, his performance in Class 12 must be good.
Dear Sir,  

I have completed Second PUC .Which branch of engineering should I pursue abroad if I want to become an aeronautical engineer? And which are the universities that offer the course?


Dear Seethalakshmi,

The US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany offer engineering courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. If you are planning on doing a basic engineering course, I suggest you stay with streams such as Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Instrumentation or Computer Science so that you can pursue a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering abroad. Or, choose the country and course depending on what the university can offer you in terms of infrastructure and quality of the faculty. I suggest you browse the internet with title ‘Education in Aeronautical Engineering’ and then make your decision based on what you have read. Cross check the information with a career guidance counsellor.

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