Fun and Games for a 62-year-old

Miles to go

Fun and Games for a 62-year-old

John Valerian Tauro (left) and his companion Lancy Serrao (right) pose with Florida Valerie. dh photo

With posters of aviation communication system forming the interiors of the House on Wheels has a small LCD television, VCD player, music player, a/c, electric plug point, first aid kit, coffee bar, luggage space, bedding, water kettle (heater) and cutlery.

Sixty-two year old John Valerian, a retired civil aviation technician who worked with the Government of Kuwait, has designed the vehicle and hopes to drive it to Delhi well before the inauguration of the Games on October 3. He, and his friend, former Corporator Lancy Serrao plan to drive upto 200 km to reach their destination. They are looking for a “like-minded person” to come along with them on their “escapade.”

Sipping on a hot cup of coffee, prepared in the House on Wheels and against the back of the vehicle covered with a banner reading ‘India - Heart of the World, Follow Me to Delhi’, Tauro says he has travelled far and wide across the coastal district on Valerie and will start after the Independence Day.

“It is a historic event. Being a lover of sports and being a true patriot, I feel it is my duty to encourage the event and cheer for the players,” Tauro says.

Where did he get the idea for Florida Valerie? “My profession gave me ample opportunity to travel across the world. In China,I was impressed by the common man’s private three-wheelers. Even poorest of the poor could own it. I was fascinated by the vehicle and I made up my mind to design one for myself,” says Tauro.

Returning to India, about an year ago, he bought a Bajaj three-wheeler at a cost of Rs 1.1 lakh and started his search for a mechanic who could build his dream. Ganesh Auto Works at Pumpwell took up the challenge. The remodelling cost Rs 80,000.

The burden of making a living, says Tauro, prevents many people to live their life as they wish, and he is no exception. “This jaunt is all about catching up with time that has already slid out of hand,” he says.

Tauro was teenager when “Three wheels on my wagon, And I’m still rolling along...” by the New Christy Minstrels was a hit. In the evening of his life, he is living that song.

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