Seer's 12-year vow broken

The seer had taken a pledge not to travel in a vehicle unless ‘Dhavala Granthas’, the Jain texts - a mix of Prakrit and classical Kannada were not translated into Kannada. Now that the task has been completed the seer travelled by vehicle to Bangalore for the release of translated works.

Speaking at the book-release function as part of the Jain Samskruthi Mahotsava, here on Thursday, the seer made public his decision to take up extensive travel to spread the message of religion, tradition and culture. “One can’t achieve anything through anger, arrogance and enmity. A person has to learn to forgive. It is important to practice what you preach to you attain Moksha, The principles of ‘Samyaka Darshana’ act as a guiding light in this path,” the seer said. Minister of Social Welfare  D Sudhakar was also present on the occasion.

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