Desire is complaint against existence

Life is in the small moments, not in big philosophies. Osho always reminds us of focussing on here and now, and not let the mind wander in useless dreams. I would like to share some of the Osho tips for happy living.

Relax in this moment, let this moment be. And suddenly the whole starts exploding in you. In that moment you are mature. And that moment can become your very tacit understanding.

Then you live as an ordinary man, but you live extraordinarily. Then you live in the marketplace but you are no more part of it. In a subtle way you have transcended it, and without any effort. You can go on playing games, but they are all games, you are no more serious.

It is all a drama - it is good, enjoy it, but don't get engulfed by it. The moment you are serious you are possessed by the world. Seriousness is the indication that the world has possessed you. Non-seriousness is the indication that the world is no more powerful over you. 

Maturity is acceptance of existence as it is. Maturity is not to desire things otherwise. Maturity is relaxing with the whole. Immaturity is conflict, struggle.

The part fighting with the whole is immaturity. The part come to be in tune with the whole, coming to a harmonious settlement with the whole -- not in defeat but in understanding is maturity. Nothing can be done. To realise that is maturity.

And also: Nothing matters. You allow it deep into your heart that nothing matters. All is good as it is, is maturity. Otherwise people remain childish. When you are desiring you are childish.

Every desire is a complaint against existence. Every desire is a discontent with the way you are, the being you are. And every desire brings frustration in its wake, because it cannot be fulfilled. Desire brings future in and disturbs the present
Happiness cannot be desired. You desire, and comes misery; desire brings misery. Happiness is a state of no-desire. Happiness is a state of great understanding that desire brings misery.

There are two ways to be happy -- to snatch at life or to let it be. One is to snatch at life, the second is to let it be. The first demands happiness, refuses all else, and so lives between hope and fear, dream and rejection.

The second way takes happiness when it happens but does not demand it and accepts all else too. It is in the acceptance of all else that happiness comes.

One is no longer bound by the fearful wish to have, nor by the frantic will to hold, nor by the fever to clutch at straws of certainty.

There is instead the ease of swimming with the river where the river flows. 

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