The deadly bite

The deadly bite

Dengue Truths

The deadly bite

The fear of dengue is palpable in the City. But doctors say the first step to fight the disease is not to get scared and panic. It is all about precautions, they point out.

The BBMP has done little to clean the City to stop mosquito breeding. Dengue continues to spread and the cases at both the public and private hospitals are increasing. Metrolife spoke with a few doctors in the City and asked them to suggest precautionary measures and the best way possible to tackle the problem.

The Aedes mosquito spreads the virus bites only during the day. “We have observed that most people who come to us are from a particular area. The virus usually spreads and infects people in that particular area. For a normal human being, the blood platelet count must be between one and a half lakh and four lakh.

It is only when this count drops to 20,000 or less that we panic. Until then we keep the person, who is said to have contracted the virus, under observation,” explains Dr Rudresh, professor of medicine, Ramaiah Medical College. There are three types of syndrome. One is the dengue fever, the second is dengue haemorrhage where there is incessant bleeding and the last and perhaps the most risky is dengue shock syndrome where the person comes down with low blood pressure and collapses.

Overcrowded areas and stagnant water help the mosquitoes breed and the virus multiply. “The poor don’t really take precautions. They are careless and ignore the fever. That’s when the virus multiplies,” warns Dr Rudresh.

The symptoms range from common ones like fever, rash, nausea, vomiting to more severe warning signs like bleeding in the gums, skin, abdominal pain, restlessness and drowsiness. “Get yourself checked immediately. One must ensure that the blood count doesn’t drop. Do not ignore the symptoms,” advises Dr Renji I M in Mathikere, who has had dengue patients throng his clinic.

Doctors wonder why the government is not doing enough to keep the City clean. “Stagnant drains and garbage dumps only add to the problem. If the government doesn’t do anything then people must take precautions,” urges Dr Renji.

And sure enough, the ordinary people are doing their bit as part of precautions. Joby Jacob, Director of Vision India Foundation says one must strive to increase immunity and build body resistance, “It will help to add supplements of Vitamin C to increase resistance power. Foods rich in Vitamin C such as lime, gooseberry and musambi are the best protection against dengue. We should also use disinfectants to eliminate the germs and keep the surroundings clean,” says Joby.

Neetu Kumar, a housewife says she makes sure she keeps the house dust-free and clean. “We have a person who comes and sweeps the street every morning and regular garbage collection ensures there’s no garbage dump in and around the area we live in,” she sums up. 

Sufferers’ tale

People, who were affected with dengue, assure that there’s nothing to panic. Eat nutritious food and don’t settle in for your own treatment, they warn

“My blood platelet count dropped to 13,000. It was dangerous but I didn’t feel very tired. I was sent from one hospital to another saying that there were no empty beds. All one has to do is to eat well and the recovery will be faster than just  relying on medication. My medical bill came to Rs 50,000 which was pretty shocking.” 

Anish, Car mechanic 

“I didn’t know why I was feeling so tired. I was not aware about a fever called dengue until I was diagnosed with it. Make sure your blood count doesn’t drop. Eat food that’s rich in protein. It will boost your immune  system.” 

Anil Roy Augustine, Accountant

Home remedies

Dr G G Gangadharan, medical director, Institute of Ayurveda and Integrated Medicine and Research believes the cure for dengue lies in natural food. He offers a few quick ways to fight dengue.

*Amruthavalli plant grows easily and widely. It boosts immunity. Clean and chop the leaves in small pieces. Soak about 20 to 25 gms of the same in water overnight. Drink only the water mixed, with a tinge of honey, the next morning.
*Pomegranate helps boost the blood platelet count.
*Lemon grass oil prevents mosquitoes from biting.
*Grind papaya leaf and drink its juice at least thrice a day when infected with dengue.
*Increased consumption of green gram also helps.

Must do

*Use a mosquito net.
*Use a good mosquito repellent.
*Make sure there’s no stagnant water.
*Eat food that’s high in Vitamin C.  

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