Time to go nuts

Nutritional talk

Engrossed :A section of the audience.  DH photo by Kishor Kumar Bolar

There was a time when Naini Setalva was 160 kgs. She was barely 32 years old and had tried all modern and traditional ways to shed those extra flabs but all her efforts seemed to be in vain. She then turned to nuts and today she swears that nuts is the way to go.

Contrary to popular perception, nuts contribute to good health which is something most people don’t really know. “Nuts add to one’s wellness. A wholesome diet is one where a neat balance is struck between fruits, veggies, meat and nuts,” observes Naini and adds, “while a packet of wafers has 500 calories, 20 nuts can give you 100 calories.”

Explaining the dangers of size zero, Naini says women who strive to look wafer like, better watch out because the obsession to look thin could have an adverse effect as well. “If you hate the sight of food and starve yourself to look good then you are in for trouble. The dangers of size zero are quick anger, low self-esteem and you’d find yourself crying at the drop of a hat,” says Naini. She advises one to eat fresh, unprocessed and natural food. And that one must indulge in delicious and responsible eating.

Natural foods make you feel less lethargic, attractive and add to your self-esteem, she reasons.

Talking about nuts and hazelnut in particular, Naini says they are delectable and healthy as they are a rich source of energy. “Known to be a rich source of vitamin E and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium, hazelnuts also contain essential amino acids and natural antioxidants. It helps reduce cholesterol, prevent diabetes, heart diseases and hypertension and also acts as an important supplement to dietary treatment,” she says.

Besides the nutritional characteristics, taste of hazelnut makes it a unique and ideal ingredient for various food products. It blends well into chocolates, ice creams, and cookie.

Naina shared her love for nuts and her perspective on healthy eating at an interactive session put together by a Turkish Hazelnut Promotion Group in the City recently.

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