What a feast!

What a feast!

High spirits

What a feast!

Zulfi Syed

It’s a day of joyous celebrations for Muslims in the City. Id-ul-Fitr brings with it many happy moments and our stars are not behind in observing the festivities.

Spending time with family, friends and going for shopping for new clothes and accessories is high on one’s priority list. And of course, the day can never be complete without a bite of homemade biryani.

 Namma Bengaluru boy Zulfi Syed says he comes home every year to celebrate Id-ul-Fitr, “The day for me begins with prayers and then I go to visit all my friends here in the City. Till date, I have made it a point to be in Bangalore for the festival,” says Zulfi, who is looking forward to binging on the traditional biryani as well.

Actress Heeba Shah, daughter of veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, is all excited about Id.
 “I am going to make Sheer Kurma or Sevaiyan. It’s a sweet preparation. I have never  tried making it even though it’s so easy to make,” she exclaims. 

 She is also looking forward to the family lunch, which takes place every year. “I love the food during the festival especially biryani, shammi kebabs and kurma.”

SadhaShe will be saying her namaz and meeting friends as well later. And has she finished her shopping for the season? “No, I haven’t shopped for any new clothes this time. But I have a salwar kurta that I have not worn before. So I will be wearing that today.” Abbas, who is currently with family in Chennai says that the highlight of Id is the Sheer Kurma and Doodh Sevaiyan.

“This year we are planning to go all out to celebrate. The day will start with prayers and we are expecting a lot of family and friends to visit us. In the night however the entire family is going out for a special dinner,” he adds.   

It’s not all festive for actress Sadha Mohammed Syed. “We generally don’t celebrate Id in a big way. This year my mother is not well so we will be restricting it to prayers and hope for her quick recovery,” she adds.