A slice of antiquity on canvas

A slice of antiquity on canvas

A slice of antiquity on canvas

“Everything that exists in this world is of interest to me and anything that fascinates me has to go on canvas,” opines Sapna Noronha speaking to City Herald.

Sapna’s talent in art was seen right from her childhood when she used to spend most of her time sketching. Her talent was perfected in BGM school of Art under the tutelage of its artist Late BG Mohammed. “This talent has been given to me by God but it’s my Master who has nourished my talent,” says Sapna commemorating her art teacher.

Sapna’s fine brush strokes are seen in oil paintings, acrylic, canvas and she is also fascinated in charcoal paintings. “I like painting contemporary. I want people to stop and think when they look at my paintings,” says Sapna.

Speaking on her interest in painting antique stuff, she says, “I was always taken up by antique objects. Every object has its own importance. The modern generation is not aware of such objects hence I want to bring such items to centre stage with my paintings,” she opines. ‘Let us light a lamp,’ ‘Let us enter the temple,’ ‘Musical notes’ are some of her paintings that portray antique items.

Apart from painting antiquity, Sapna also paints landscapes, nature and portraits. Converting her hobby in full time profession, she also paints for people if they place an order. “I paint anything and don’t have any barriers. I also paint religious figures for people with full dedication. For me everything is art,” she says.

Many people have come forward to buy Sapna’s artworks. “I keep my paintings affordable so that it does not fall expensive for any art lover who likes to buy my painting. Art needs to be appreciated,” she opines. Sapna likes using colour combinations and says most of her colours are influenced from nature. Speaking about her family, she says her husband Titus and children Nathan and Nestor are very supportive to her work. “My children don’t disturb me while I paint and take good care of my paintings,” she smiles.

“Sapna is a person with lot of depth. Most of her paintings are from the things she has been inspired from. Her paintings have a lot of meaning. She is a person of principles,” says Divya speaking about her best friend.

“For a starter, it’s a good attempt and Sapna has a long way to go. She is known for her patient, detailed and intricate work,” says Director of Orchid Art Gallery William Pais. Sapna’s first solo art show is in exhibit at Orchid Art Gallery till September 15.