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Last Updated : 16 September 2010, 11:58 IST
Last Updated : 16 September 2010, 11:58 IST

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Shaky hands and flickering eyelids can spoil it all. So how do you apply an eyeliner without messing or blackening your face? Here are a few simple tips that can be kept in mind.

1) If you plan to use any other makeup on your face apart from the liner, it’s better if you apply those first.

2) Remove dangly bracelets and watches as they can often get in the way or become irritating distractions.

3) Have a good mirror and bright lighting so that you can properly see what you are doing when using the eyeliner.

4) Most people apply an eyeliner with one big sweep, from the inside of the lashes to the outer corner of the eye lid. Though it’s the fastest way to apply a liner, you need to make sure your hands are steady.  

5) However, you do not need to paint a continuous line with liquid eyeliner. It is easier to draw a few small dashes onto the lash line — inner, middle and outer corners, then go back and connect them.

6) Another method is to start with the upper lashes and dot the liquid liner into the spaces between the lashes, wiggling the liner into the lashes. The result is not supposed to be a line. It's supposed to look as if the lashes themselves are thick at the roots.

7) Do you feel your hands are unsteady? Rest your elbow on a table with the mirror in front of your face. Kneel on the floor if you need to.

8) It is natural for you to close your eye as you draw the line, but if you keep it open, it will make it easier to follow the curve of your lid and thus have a straighter line.

9) If you want a line thicker than the initial one, build it up gradually. Start at the middle of the lash line and draw towards the outer corner. You can extend the line slightly past the outer corner of your eyelid if you wish.

10) If you make a mistake while applying liner in either pencil or liquid form, then don’t worry as it can be easily corrected. Just keep some eye makeup remover close to hand, and gently dab at the area you wish to remove with a small amount on the end.

11) If your pencil is too sticky and doesn’t glide on very easily, hold the point over a flame for a second. Let it cool and then apply.

12) It also helps to run your pencil under hot water for a couple of seconds. It softens the pencil.

Published 16 September 2010, 11:58 IST

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