Hyderabad youth latest victim of assault in Oz

Hyderabad youth latest victim of  assault in Oz

M A Khan, pursuing hospitality course from Victoria Institute of Technology, was walking near a railway station in eastern suburb of Melbourne last evening when two Caucasian men, wearing hooded jackets, walked-up to him and punched him without any provocation.

Khan was punched so badly that he suffered cuts below his eyes and forehead and was admitted to a local hospital were he received multiple stitches on his face.

"Two guys came from the side in front of me and gave a very bad punch on my face and ran away. This incident happened around 5.30 p.m, the peak hour of traffic on the road," Khan, who had moved to Melbourne last year, said.

"They did not ask for any money or anything, they did not try to snatch anything from me. After 10 minutes, police came down there and ambulance also," he added.

This was the 15th attack on Indian students in Australia in less than a month.

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