Appu Pappu

Appu Pappu

Parent trap in Cambodia

Appu Pappu

Judi and Master Snehith in Appu Pappu

Appu, (Master Snehith) the precocious kid of a divorced couple, is intent on knowing his father. He forces his mother to take him along to Cambodia on a business trip where he finds his father.

Three goons are however interested in the child. Or in the toy car the boy owns, to be precise.

The goons hire the services of an orang-utan Pappu (Judi) to steal the car.
Does the boy manage to reunite his parents and whether the goons lay their hands on the car is what “Appu Pappu” is all about...

Anantraju and Ramnarayan team up again to weave a plausible story (“Home Alone” anyone?), though one can spot the loopholes from miles away. However, “Appu Pappu” is meant mainly for the kids, and their doting parents. When each trick, twist and turn featuring the human-animal duo gets seetis and loud applause, it is time to suspend logic and enjoy the show.

“Appu Pappu” entertains as only it can.