Milk union leading village in S'ghatta taluk on the path of progress

Last Updated : 19 September 2010, 17:41 IST
Last Updated : 19 September 2010, 17:41 IST

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The union has helped families which depended on dairy farming and silk for their basic subsistence to develop economically.

Its social service includes distributing butter milk to students during mid-day meal; installing streetlights and providing financial assistance to the poor.

Helping students
Besides, the union recognises students who have scored highest marks in the exams and felicitates them.
Government Higher Primary School Head Master H V Venkatareddy said the union also distributes notebooks and hosts competitions for them. The union actively participates in the developmental activities of the school, Venkatareddy added.  
Gopalappa, a senior citizen also appreciated the union which offers Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 to the families in crisis.

Growth in years
The union over the past 35 years has enhanced its capacity from the initial 16 litres of milk storage to 800 litres at present.
On the administration of the union its president V B Amaranath said: “We have obtained ‘B’ grade from the auditors for maintenance of the records. Computerisation further has enabled us to ensure exact measurement.”
The union has taken initiatives to maintain the quality of its product and to esnure sustenance of dairy farming.

Apart from check-up camps, supply of nutritious fodder for cattle the union holds workshops to train the farmers on dairy maintenance.
Residents of neighbouring Cheemanahalli and Tatahalli used to supply milk till milk unions were set up in their villages. However, the union has continued to grow with lakhs of rupees in its fixed deposit account as reserve funds.
As Gopalappa said the union is also promoting unity and solidarity among the residents of the village by hosting national festivals.
The union is also construting a flag pole and a platform to involve all the residents in celebration of such festivals.
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Published 19 September 2010, 17:41 IST

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