Parched village gets water

Parched village gets water

Good Samaritan

Parched village gets water

But the residents have themselves been blessed with a donor- Devaraj, a farmer from Muskam.

Devaraj is providing water to the residents of the entire village from the tubewell in his farm.

Although under the administration of the Robertsonpet Town Municipal Council, Muskam has all features to be qualified as a village, getting very few benefits from the Council. It lacks basic facilities like drinking water, drainage and even proper roads.

Bad shape

The condition of the borewell that was the source of water for the entire village turned bad a year back. Several letters were sent to the Council requesting a repair of the borewell.

However, the requests failed to evoke any response from the Council members.
Legislator Y Sampangi, who visited the village six months ago had instructed the Councillor to get the borewell repaired within 15 days. This measure too, however, did not prove fruitful.

The desperate citizens threatened to undertake a protest on Independence Day if water was not supplied to them. The then Councillor Yarrappa promised the enraged residents of Muskam that the water problem would be solved within just two days, thereby preventing them from staging a protest.

Last resort

Weary of the empty promises of the Council, the residents of Muskam finally approached R Devaraj, whose farm is located near the entrance to the village. Devaraj provides water to the people from the borewell in his farm every evening, for upto three hours.

Residents of Muskam A Block, B Block, Lower Muskam and the nearby areas all get free water supply.

Yet, Devaraj humbly says, “The electricity bill will naturally increase, but that is immaterial. What is important is that the people get water.”

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