It's all in the game

It's all in the game

It's all in the game

Social networking sites are quite popular with youngsters these days. This new medium of expression has become a part and parcel of their lives. The gaming options on these sites have found many loyals among these people.

It is no surprise that youngsters spend hours playing these online games. Either for time pass, to de-stress, to make new friends or just for fun, many people visit these sites regularly.

The attraction and addiction is so high that these youngsters do not mind even missing their internal exams or other work for the sake of these virtual games.

Anvesh Rai, an engineering student, says that he was quite addicted to these games.
 “It had become a basic necessity for me and I used to spend three to four hours a day.
Nowadays I spend around half-an-hour on ‘Poker’,” he quips. Apart from this, he takes part in quizzes like ‘What’s your confidence meter?’, ‘When will you die?’, ‘What’s your style quotient?’, ‘What hairstyle suits you?’ and many more.

“These games are pretty good stress-busters. Sometimes, we can make new friends through these applications,” he adds. He mentions that most of his friends are still addicted to them. “A few among them are even ready to miss their internals and classes for the sake of these games,” he beams.

Ajeya Krishna, a BBM student, says that he is not emotionally attached to these games. “Though we can do many more things here, at the end of the day, it’s all virtual. So, no point in worrying about them,” he says and adds, “I often play ‘Farmville’ on one of the social networking sites, especially during  weekends. As it is a great stressbuster, it helps me take a break from my routine work. I can catch up with many of my friends who come online. We have fun with ‘Horoscope’, ‘Matching Celebrities’ and others. Hence, it’s like multi-tasking,” he laughs. Though Trisha, an engineering student, is disinterested in such games, she agrees that the present young generation is glued to these addictive games.

“Though I get numerous invitations for these games everyday, I am not really interested in them. I played ‘Farmville’ and ‘Crazy Taxi’, but I got bored very soon. These games are designed in such a way that they are generic and require no special skill or thought,” she feels. “I know many of my friends who are addicted to these games. And one of my friends blames ‘Mafia Wars’ for the drop in his grade,” she adds.