Team Profile


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Srinivas Kempaiah

Manager, Performance Bi and Automation COE

Sports and fitness enthusiast, trekker and biker. I love the outdoor life and wilderness.

Saurabh Rajnala

Senior Software Developer, GTC - Software Engineering

I like football, going to the gym, and hip-hop music. I am fascinated by philosophy, history and geography and I have a strong addiction to problem-solving and doing things correctly.

Sarath K

Programmer, Adv Engineering IN

I enjoy watching movies and participating in sports.

Avinash Acharya

Consultant, Pioneer US COE Client

Music is my passion in addition to playing football and following the team Arsenal.

Sabareshwaran M

Associate Software Developer, GTC - Data Engineering

An avid sports fan, I am. When I play football, I feel complete. Additionally, I enjoy dancing and watching FIFA.

K S Dinesh Kumar

Global Data Analyst, Verification and Release

I enjoy engaging in a variety of sports with football being one of my main interests. I also enjoy finding new musical genres, travelling, photography, and watching new movies.

Dileep H K

Software Developer, Pilgrim Quality Solutions - GDC

I like playing and watching football and cricket.

Jagadesh Kumar C

Data Scientist 1, Data Integration and Analytics

If I am not playing football, you can find me at the gym exercising.