Team Profile


‘Striving to be the best in all that we do’, is the driving force at Tavant. It is a company that builds impactful digital products and solutions for its customers. It is achieved through unparalleled passion, a high level of expertise, and a total commitment to people - be they employees, customers or any other stakeholder. And ‘people’ being among the company’s prime focuses, one of the top priorities at Tavant is its employees and their well-being. The company not only fuels the professional ambitions of its employees, but also helps them pursue their individual passions. Whether it is sports, photography, knowledge/facts sharing, music, fun at work, fitness, innovation, creativity or just an idea, one will always find a like-minded group in the company. 
Team Tavant at the NICE DH Cup represents this spirit of Tavant and it is cried out loud in its motto ‘play with passion’.

Syed Ashad Ahmed

Senior Quality Engineer, QE

I played in tournaments during college and represented Tavant at a few corporate tournaments. I am a striker.

Sunil V

Asst Vice President, Facilities

I like fitness workouts and sports - marathon and cycling.

Sudheera Devadiga

Senior Manager - Finance

I am a defender. I have represented Tavant at a few corporate tournaments. My interests are football, long runs, badminton and fitness.

Shubham Sharma

Marketing Analyst, Marketing

I am a striker, winger, and central attacking midfielder. I captained my school’s football, basketball and volleyball teams. I like sports and gaming.

Mohneesh Singh

Director – Engineering, Delivery – Services

My hobbies are driving, football and music.

Mohammed Raazique Barkath

UI Engineer, UI

I played in the KTU University-level interzone football tournaments and finished runners-up twice. I have represented my home club in the district-level division football tournaments and won the championship. I am a defender.

Jayan P Cherian

Senior Technical Architect, Delivery – Product

I like to play badminton, football and basketball. I enjoy reading and watching movies.

Abhishek Chanda

Senior Quality Engineer, QE

I played in my school football team and have represented Tavant at a few corporate tournaments. My interests are football, cycling, cricket and collection of miniature cars. I am a goalkeeper.